Baby Losing Weight? Inadequate Breastfeeding Could Be To Blame and How A Dentist Can Help

Baby losing weight? There are a multitude of reasons why this may be the case. Inadequate breastfeeding could be the culprit. The exact breastfeeding problem can be tougher to pinpoint, however. The inability for an infant to get adequate sustenance during breastfeeding may be due to inadequate tongue mobility caused by a tongue tie. For more information on [...]

What Does A Tongue Tie Look Like?

Being tongue tied is not simply a nervous stutter or lisp; it is an actual restriction of the movement of the tongue caused by a short lingual frenum, the whitish cord underneath the tongue. This condition is also called “ankyloglossia”. There is much misinformation and confusion surrounding tongue ties, so continue reading to properly educate yourself. [...]

What a Frenectomy Means For Your Child

First-time mothers may be warned by others how difficult and painful breastfeeding can be.  However, aside from some discomfort during the initial adjustment period when mom and baby are working to establish their breastfeeding relationship, any notable pain should subside soon after. Breastfeeding is not meant to be an uncomfortable experience and if it is, I [...]

Long Term Implications of Tongue Ties

Untreated tongue ties have a range of consequences, both in childhood and adulthood. While each patient’s case is unique, it is important to know why your doctor might suggest treatment based on short and long term quality of life implications. First, let’s review what a tongue tie is: an often overlooked condition where the lingual [...]

Oh, Baby. Oral Hygiene Should Start Earlier Than You Think.

Like the majority of people, you may expect that oral hygiene becomes important only when an infant starts to get his or her baby teeth. No teeth, no worries? Wrong. Oral hygiene should actually begin shortly after a baby is born! Are you a soon-to-be mother or father? Maybe you have a friend who is [...]