Conditions Treated

Tongue Tie Diagnosis & Treatment For Infants

Tongue tied babies can be diagnosed based on 3 factors:

1. Function of the tongue

2. The symptoms experienced by mom and baby

3. Appearance of the tongue

I mention appearance last because a tongue-tie is not always visible to the naked eye. An in-person assessment by a trained professional is absolutely necessary for diagnosis.

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Tongue Tie Diagnosis & Treatment For Adults

Tongue Tie diagnosis is based on 3 factors:

1. Function of the tongue

2. The symptoms you experience

3. Appearance of the tongue

With groundbreaking research emerging, the affects of untreated Tongue Ties on orofacial development and behavioral patterns is evident and real. Some of these effects, include:

– Airway obstruction leading to sleep apnea & snoring
– Speech impediments
– Acid reflux symptoms
– Difficulties chewing & swallowing
– Head & neck muscular tension and related headaches

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Cold Sore Laser Treatment

It’s time to say goodbye to cold sores!

Some of my patients have struggled with cold sores their entire lives and we have achieved AMAZING results with laser treatment at the office! The heat from the laser not only kills the virus, but it also triggers your body to heal itself more quickly. The treatment takes less than 15 minutes to complete.

Since lasers destroy the virus, they can stop the cold sores from appearing at all if you haven’t broken out yet. Pretty amazing, right? 

If you already have a cold sore around your mouth, lasers will significantly speed up the healing time and provide you with immediate relief of symptoms, like pain or itching. After treatment, sores reoccur with less intensity and frequency at the same location. 

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