When it comes to flossing, does timing matter? Is it better to floss before or after you brush? While the most important thing is that you actually floss daily to get rid of food particles and plaque between your teeth, the American Dental Association advises that it may be more benefi­cial to floss before you brush.

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I am a believer of flossing before brushing for three reasons.

  1. If you floss first, you dislodge the particles between teeth that the toothbrush can brush away.
  2. The fluoride from your toothpaste can then reach these in-between areas where it can help fight cavity formation.
  3. Considering just over 50% of Americans floss their teeth daily, flossing before brushing may help raise this percentage. Floss daily. Do it.

Check out the flossing debate on The Today Show.

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Dr. Chelsea Pinto, DDS

Dr. Chelsea Pinto, DDS

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Dr. Chelsea Pinto, DDS