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Dr. Pinto Provides You With Affordable Dental Sealants

The pits and grooves of your teeth are prime areas for opportunistic decay. Even regular brushing sometimes misses these intricate structures on the chewing surfaces of your teeth. If left alone, these areas can develop tooth decay.

Dental sealants create an impenetrable physical barrier for small food particles and cavity-causing bacteria, making them highly effective in preventing tooth surface decay and the resulting cavities. Sealants hold up well under the force of normal chewing and can last several years before a reapplication is needed. However, it is important to find a dentist who conducts periodic inspections of the sealants. Dr. Pinto notes that these inspections can be a part of your regular dental check-up and are necessary to make sure there is no wearing or chipping of the seal.

Dental sealants are composite resins that bond and harden in the deep grooves on your tooth’s surface. They are most commonly applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth (premolars and molars). When a tooth is sealed, the tiny grooves become smooth, and are less likely to harbor plaque. With sealants, brushing your teeth becomes easier and more effective against tooth decay.

Dental Sealant Procedure

The procedure only takes a couple of minutes per tooth and does not require any anesthetic, as it is completely painless. The entire procedure is fast, easy, and comfortable.

  • The teeth to be sealed are first thoroughly cleaned.
  • Then, the chewing surfaces are micro-etched with a gel to help the sealant adhere to the tooth.
  • The sealant material is carefully applied to the grooves of the teeth and a high intensity light applied for the material to harden.



Who Can Get Teeth Sealants?

Although children are the most common recipients of dental sealants at dental offices because the likelihood of developing pit and fissure decay begins early in life, adults too can benefit from sealants. Dr. Pinto will be able to tell you if sealants are recommended for your prevention program.


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