Tongue Tie Diagnosis & Treatment For Adults

Tongue Tie diagnosis is based on 3 factors:

1. Function of the tongue

2. The symptoms you experience

3. Appearance of the tongue

With groundbreaking research emerging, the affects of untreated Tongue Ties on orofacial development and behavioral patterns is evident and real. Some of these effects, include:

– Airway obstruction leading to sleep apnea & snoring
– Speech impediments
– Acid reflux symptoms
– Difficulties chewing & swallowing
– Head & neck muscular tension and related headaches

Many of these conditions are misdiagnosed OR undiagnosed for years due to the lack of understanding of TT and their potential impact on the body.

We have a multidisciplinary protocol of functional frenuloplasty that integrates myofunctional therapy both before, during, and after surgery. Our technique is based on precision: releasing the appropriate extent of tissues for maximal relief; not too much, and not too little.