Baby Falling Asleep On Breast? May Be Exhaustion From Difficulty Breastfeeding

Babies may fall asleep while breastfeeding. It's natural to feel tired when their stomachs are full, after all! However, if a baby is struggling to gain weight or showing other signs of breastfeeding challenges, in conjunction with a frequent [...]

Baby Choking On Milk? It Could Be Tongue Tie Related. Improper Latch Can Introduce Unwanted Air Into the Breastfeeding Process.

For new mothers, seeing their baby coughing and gagging while breastfeeding can be alarming. And understandably so! Figuring out why the baby is having difficulties and correcting them is of the highest priority. One possibility that I urge mothers not [...]

Struggling With Breastfeeding? The Reason Why May Surprise You.

Moms that I speak with having difficulty breastfeeding may be surprised at first to discover that their infant is tongue tied. This feeling is typically followed by relief: they may finally have some answers to explain the past weeks (if not months) spent without [...]

Lip Tie: How It Can Cause Breastfeeding Issues and What Can Be Done About It

There is plenty of confusion out there about the difference between a lip tie and a tongue tie. So, let's clear it up! What Is A Lip Tie? We all are born with a frenulum connecting our upper lip to the [...]

Lingual Frenectomy – It’s Not That Scary! Here is Why The Benefits Outweigh the Risks

When confronted with the idea of allowing a complete stranger to cut inside of your baby's mouth, many mothers get nervous. I'm a mom, too... I get it. That's okay! It's perfectly reasonable to be intimidated by the term "lingual [...]

Breastfeeding Problems and Solutions: The Most Common Issues I See and What You Can Do About Them

I've spoken with mothers having all types of breastfeeding issues during my consultations and one thing is clear: every situation is unique. There are plenty of reasons mothers and their infants can experience breastfeeding difficulties... it is not reasonable to blame [...]

Importance of Provider-Lactation Consultant Teamwork in Evaluating for Tongue Ties

When evaluating an infant for a tongue tie, I conduct an initial consultation with mother and baby in office. In order to best approach issues that are related to latch, seal, and suction - there is no better person to turn to first [...]