Laser Frenectomy: What To Ask Your Dentist, What To Expect, and Frequently Asked Questions

When mothers are confronted with the fact that their infant may benefit from a lingual frenectomy in order to remove an overly taut lingual frenelum, a frequent question is: "Should I go with a provider who can perform a laser frenectomy or are scissors okay?" It is an understandable question but the more relevant and important [...]

Tongue Tied Infants – My Process For Determining If Your Baby Has A Tongue Tie And Needs A Lingual Frenectomy

Prior to an initial consultation appointment, I correspond with the lactation consultant working with mom and baby in order to gain background knowledge on their sessions together. This allows us to work together to best gauge a baby's progress (or lack of progress) in nursing. If breastfeeding issues including inadequate latch, poor breast draining, painful [...]