Los Angeles Infant Tongue & Lip Tie Specialist


Los Angeles Infant Tongue & Lip Tie Specialist


Dr. Chelsea Pinto Explains
Infant Tongue Tie


What is a Tongue Tie?

For approximately 5-10% of babies, the tongue and floor of mouth separation process is disrupted in utero, leading to an abnormally short lingual frenulum (connective tissue remnant). Different presentations may restrict tongue range of motion to varying degrees, and may impact oral motor development, feeding skills and breathing habits even in infancy. A tongue tie diagnosis and treatment recommendation should be made based upon a true functional limitation. Simply seeing a frenulum under the tongue does not mean it is restricting tongue range of motion! Feeding assessments from appropriate specialists provide crucial insights on a baby’s oral motor skills and it takes an experienced provider to thoroughly investigate anatomical presentation and associated symptoms. The medical term for tongue tie is “ankyloglossia” and studies show the defect is hereditary.

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Infant Tongue Tie Symptoms

The following signs are common amongst infants with tongue and lip ties and their mothers. However, it is important to note that these signs can be linked to other breastfeeding problems and are not solely related to ties.

  • flattened nipples after breastfeeding
  • nipple pain and damage
  • prolonged feedings
  • poor breast drainage
  • decreased milk production
  • noisy suckling or clicking
  • popping on and off the breast
  • leaking on the sides of the mouth
  • poor weight gain
  • coughing or gagging
  • lip blisters
  • gas pain
  • noisy breathing/snoring sounds when sleeping
  • reflux or colic symptoms
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How To Identify The Signs &
Symptoms of Tongue & Lip Ties


I would do it a million times over. I’m glad I did it so early so that I didn’t give up on breastfeeding.

Mom of Tongue Tie Patient, 1 Week Old

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Meet Dr. Pinto

Dr. Pinto is the only dentist in Los Angeles that has solely dedicated her practice to focus on infant tongue and lip ties. She has successfully treated thousands of babies with oral restrictions and prioritizes compassionate, individualized care.

Dr. Pinto strives to instill a sense of confidence in parents by providing them with the tools and knowledge to support their child’s oral motor skills, including appropriate therapeutic and feeding support referrals for a holistic, comprehensive approach.

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My son Nicholas had a lisp, was unable to sleep through the night & didn’t breastfeed. The treatment was an easy 2-minute thing. The next day, he slept through the night for 12 hours & now speaks clearly. It is absolutely worth it for your child’s future!

Mom of Tongue Tie Patient, 20 Month Old

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What Other Practitioners Have To Say

“Dr. Pinto is that rare professional who combines medical knowledge and specialized expertise with an unrelenting work ethic.  She is directly responsible for dramatically improving the quality of everyday life for her patients.”

Sanda Pinkerton – Myofunctional Therapist

“As a local lactation consultant, it’s great to know there is a compassionate, skilled provider in the area to send my families to when there is a suspected oral restriction. I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Pinto and her practice. She not only identifies and treats tongue and lip tie, but she is a champion of breastfeeding and advocate for parents wanting the best for their children’s oral health and hygiene.”

Julie Matheney – MS, CCC-SLP, CLEC, IBCLC

“Dr. Pinto is an incredibly gifted provider who brings both experienced surgical skill as well as a lot of heart and compassion in the care she provides her patients. Dr. Pinto aims to treat both the patient and the family and she does it with such finesse and genuine caring. She loves what she does and it shows!”

Dr. Soroush Zaghi – ENT, Sleep Surgeon