Breastfeeding Problems and Solutions: The Most Common Issues I See and What You Can Do About Them

I've spoken with mothers having all types of breastfeeding issues during my consultations and one thing is clear: every situation is unique. There are plenty of reasons mothers and their infants can experience breastfeeding difficulties... it is not reasonable to blame any one factor alone. This post will cover the most common breastfeeding problems and solutions. While [...]

Importance of Provider-Lactation Consultant Teamwork in Evaluating for Tongue Ties

When evaluating an infant for a tongue tie, I conduct an initial consultation with mother and baby in office. In order to best approach issues that are related to latch, seal, and suction - there is no better person to turn to first than a mother's lactation consultant. What is a Lactation Consultant? Lactation consultants are professional breastfeeding [...]