Infant Tongue Tie Treatment Reviews

“I would do it a million times over. I’m glad I did it so early so that I didn’t give up on breastfeeding.”

Mom of Tongue Tie Patient, 1 Week Old

“The treatment was an easy 2-minute thing. It is absolutely worth it for your child’s future!”

Mom of Tongue Tie Patient, 20 Month Old

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I was referred to Dr. Pinto by our family dentist. My newborn was born with an upper lip tie which was causing difficulties with breastfeeding. I was able to get in for a consultation in the first week after my baby was born. The office staff was very friendly and I loved Dr. Pinto. Not only is she professional and knowledgeable, but she is a mother and understands what new moms are going through with breastfeeding and the importance of listening to the patient's needs. She treated my daughter's lip tie the same day and over the next week she was able to improve with breastfeeding and her latch.  We are 8 weeks out and doing great, I am grateful we found Dr. Pinto.

What a lovely doctor! I came in with my one-year-old after suspecting an upper lip tie and Dr. Pinto's calm and knowledgeable demeanor immediately put me at ease as she recommended having it cut. I was concerned that it would be difficult to treat a one-year-old as they are much more active than babies but she swiftly did the procedure with little fuss from my daughter. What is most impressive about Dr. Pinto is the numerous times she followed up, over a holiday week nonetheless, to make sure my child was healing okay. She is calm, patient and thorough and I couldn't be more pleased with my experience. Also, the staff at the office were so nice and greeted us with smiles every time we came in.

Dr. Pinto is a soo amazing! My baby girl was tongue and lip tied at about 1-month-old and Dr. Pinto was so gentle and wonderful to work with. She's very thorough, knowledgeable and really cares about her patients. She followed up numerous times to make sure everything was healing smoothly.

Before the procedure, she took as much time as I needed explaining to me what she was going to be doing and how to care for the areas afterward. I'm now expecting baby #2 and feel confident knowing I can turn to Dr. Pinto again. I highly recommend her!

We had the most challenging time when our baby girl basically refused to eat. She fell off the growth curve and was crying all day long. We didn't know what to do and went to numerous doctors. We had already had 3 pediatricians specifically check her for a tongue tie and all of them said she didn't have one. Then we went to two dentists who also didn't want to snip her tongue but she wasn't getting any better and my gut told me it's what she needed. Thankfully we found Dr. Pinto just in time and she told us that our baby had a posterior tongue tie and lip tie. We went ahead with the procedure during our first appointment and even though I was so scared to inflict any pain on my 3-month-old, I have never been so grateful. Within 24 hours, she was eating a ton and wasn't choking anymore as she had been when breastfeeding. She even eventually started taking a bottle.
Our always crying baby turned into the happiest sweetest baby who was really just hungry all along. Dr. Pinto was so sweet and thoughtful through the whole process and our follow-ups. I honestly can't even imagine where we would be without her. If you have any inkling of a tongue tie, it's worth a visit! Already know that when I have another baby, I am bringing them to her within their first week of life to see if they have a tongue tie, to ensure we don't have to go through all of that again!

Dr. Pinto is absolutely amazing! I came in with my 10-day old son because I was having major problems breastfeeding. I had to use a nipple shield because it was so painful. I came to find that my son was lip and tongue tied! Dr. Pinto is so warm and nurturing. She took care of his tongue and lip tie and it was done in a literally a minute. My son latched immediately after the procedure without a nipple shield and no pain! Such a game changer! Thank you dr pinto for everything!

Dr. Pinto truly saved the day! After seeing multiple lactation consultants with no improvement we were finally referred to her for a lip and tongue tie. My son was 8 weeks old at the time and I was so hesitant, but we decided to go through with the procedure. It was so quick and my son latched on right away after. Two weeks after the procedure we were finally breastfeeding pain free (for the 1st time). Dr. Pinto was so compassionate and generous with her time and advice. I highly recommend Dr. Pinto!

My 4-month-old daughter was having slow weight gain for 2 months and after meeting with a lactation consultant it was brought to my attention that she may have a tongue tie. The LC recommended Dr. Pinto and so I scheduled a consultation immediately. Dr. Pinto was very caring and warm and confirmed that my daughter did indeed have a tongue tie and she patiently explained the options for doing the procedure vs. not. My husband and I decided to move forward with the tongue tie release procedure and I am so glad we did. The procedure itself was very quick and Dr. Pinto was very helpful in showing me the wound care that I needed to do and the tongue strengthening exercises. My daughter wasn't too happy with the procedure, rightfully so, but by day 2 she was improving so much by having a better latch and she seemed to be getting more milk during breastfeeding. And by about 10 days her wound was completely healed, I was amazed at how fast it healed! Dr. Pinto was very accessible and even checked in on how my daughter was doing the day after the procedure. She is very patient and helpful, I highly recommend seeing her! And her office is incredibly nice and helpful, too!

I couldn't recommend a better person! Chelsea takes the time to really get to know you and the patient before making a decision on whether or not to go forth with the procedure. Her ultimate goal is to do what is best for you all and she makes that decision by really taking her time listening and connecting with you all. She is so incredibly personable and I appreciate her following up with us on the weekend to see how our little one was doing after his procedure. You don't come across many doctors these days that aren't in a rush to get you in and out. Chelsea is the complete opposite and gives you the space to feel safe and comfortable! I highly recommend her!

Dr. Pinto is knowledgeable and has a very gentle manner with babies.  Our son had a tongue tie that was interfering with his ability to get enough milk from breastfeeding and had lost weight.  Dr. Pinto identified the tie and performed a laser frenectomy to release it.  That, combined with support from our lactation consultant Julie Matheney, helped our son to be able to nurse more effectively.  We had been supplementing with pumped breast milk and were able to discontinue that and return to exclusive breastfeeding - a huge relief, as pumping around the clock is very physically demanding on top of already caring for a newborn normally.  Dr. Pinto genuinely cared about our son's outcome and provided follow up visits and check in calls and emails.  I feel we were in great hands and highly recommend her.

Dr. Pinto is great. My son had a lip and tongue tie that 3 pediatricians missed! This dr diagnosed it and was able to do a consultation with my husband and me. She explained the procedure and how it would help my son better latch during breastfeeding. Also went over all of the aftercare with us in detail. She showed me how to do the exercises then they had me practice them which I appreciated. During the same visit my son got the laser procedure to release the tongue and lip tie. She had me then breastfeed, already it felt so much better. She also called me the next day to follow up and see how we were doing. also gave me information for a lactation consultant (Elena Vogel) who was also amazing. My whole experience was Greta here. My baby is doing well, we are both learning the whole breastfeeding deal but with the help of dr. Pinto and Elena this whole thing has been so much easier.

Would highly recommend Dr. Pinto!

Our newborn son had trouble latching and we saw a lactation consultant who advised us to reach out to Dr. Pinto for tongue and lip tie. We immediately scheduled an appointment and Dr. Pinto was super helpful and handled our less than 1 week old son with lots of care. The laser procedure took less than a minute. we were a little worried, but it happened so fast and he seemed okay! We immediately saw results and he finally started latching! We just went to our 2nd follow up and he's healed up nicely and is still breastfeeding well.

Thank you again!

When my newborn son was 2 months old I was told by his pediatrician that he was tongue-tied the pediatrician also informed me that it was a mild case and that it did not need treatment, however as a concerned mother I felt like something like that couldn't be untreated, or at least checked out by a specialist. My baby was never able to fully latch onto my breast, he had a lot of gas/digestion issues and acid reflex still the pediatrician said it was not related to the tongue tie, I have since changed pediatrician, my instincts told me to look further into the symptoms that a tongue tie can cause & digestive issues was one of them, I came across Dr. Pinto's Instagram page and was amazed I had to call her and get my son checked out, we got an appointment right away, upon meeting Dr. Pinto I immediately felt her friendly presence she was great she was very thorough and honest with what she recommends for treatment, in my sons case we had the tongue tie released and now a month later he is doing much better! He's not as gassy, his acid reflex is improving and he is sleeping much better! I definitely see the difference in my son he's a happier little guy! I recommend anyone who is told their infant/child has a tongue tie go and see Dr. Pinto!! Even if you are told by other Dr's that no treatment is needed, it's always best to take your child to someone like Dr. Pinto who specializes in tongue ties. She is a very great Doctor! Thank you, Dr. Pinto, for helping Matthew and me! We greatly appreciate your passion for helping babies!

We were referred to dr. pinto through our pediatrician to clip our infant's tongue tie. it was important to me to find a pediatric dentist who specializes in tongue/lip ties as I've heard horror stories about ones that have grown back bc they weren't properly tended to. we made the one hour trip there and it was well worth it. everyone was professional and efficient. dr. pinto was patient in explaining the exercises and stretches we were to do after the procedure and we followed up two times after.

My only tip would be to find parking elsewhere, parking in the structure at the building is incredibly expensive.

Dr. Chelsea Pinto is amazing!!! My husband and I came to her when we suspected that our 1-week old baby had a tongue tie. Dr. Pinto was extremely knowledgeable, professional and kind. Dr. Pinto made an assessment that we were comfortable with and also suggested outside resources to aid us in our journey. Should you have concerns about possible tongue and lip ties, trust that Dr. Pinto will give you an honest assessment, relevant information, and further outside resources should you need them.

My son wasn't properly gaining weight from breastfeeding. I consulted with Julie Matheney (the LA Lactation Lady). She diagnosed my son with a tongue tie that was preventing him from swallowing properly. She thankfully referred me to Dr. Pinto. Dr. Pinto performed a frenectomy on my son. The procedure took just seconds to complete and he nursed immediately after. There was basically no recovery time and the procedure made a world of difference. In just a few weeks, my son was completely caught up to where he should be in weight gain and we can now exclusively breastfeed. I can't recommend Dr. Pinto enough for anyone who has a child with a tongue tie!! She is also great with infants.

Dr. Pinto is the absolute best-- we went to her to assess and correct posterior tongue ties for our twin girls after a few weeks of struggling with feeding. We have never felt so taken care of by a doctor. She was so gentle and loving with the babies and so kind to our nerves as parents. As nervous as we were, each baby was only away from us for 2-3 minutes and I was able to nurse right after. When we left the office after both our girls had a tongue-tie procedure, we surprised ourselves by even describing the whole experience as "lovely." The office is lovely, the staff is lovely, and Dr. Pinto is a dream.

Both girls now feed like champs, they are noticeably less gassy, I have no more pain, and am able to tandem feed. The procedure was 100% worth it and Dr. Pinto is the woman to do it!

I came across Dr. Pinto's name on a lip/tongue tie support group I joined and I am so so happy I did! We took our three-month-old son to see her for a lip tie and possible tongue tie. There's garage parking located in the same building with a valet attendant but it is pricey. If you have a few minutes to spare and don't mind a short walk, you can cruise around and park at a meter nearby. The office is clean and spacious, and the ladies at the front are awesome; attentive and knowledgeable. As for Dr. Pinto, if I could give her more than five stars, I would. It turns out our son had a lip and tongue tie. He had horrible silent reflux; crying for hours every day on and off after he ate and he would wake up screaming at night. Also, I had pretty much given up on breastfeeding due to several issues including a poor latch. After speaking with Dr. Pinto, we decided to do the revisions. She made us feel comfortable with the decision and we didn't feel pressured which was something my husband and I agreed on before we went. To go with our gut and go home and think about it if we weren't 100%. That night was the first night in a long time our son did not wake up crying. As I've mentioned to her, we now have the happiest little boy. He's a new baby! It's been about a month now and he started sleeping through the night over a week ago. We are also breastfeeding again and although it's a working progress, I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. Dr. Pinto is truly a blessing. And now we can all get some needed sleep!!

Dr. Pinto and her staff were great to work with!  My son was having trouble breastfeeding and had a posterior tongue tie release with Dr. Pinto.  Having done the procedure made a world of difference for us.  Dr. Pinto reviewed the post-op exercises with me and made sure I was comfortable with everything.  She also took the time to call me the following day to check in and we saw her at one-week and one-month after the procedure which made me feel really well supported through the process.  Overall, I had a really great experience.

If you're worried about getting the laser procedure done at all...GO FOR IT!

Our five week old at the time was really struggling to breastfeed. She wouldn't uncross her arms, she had trouble finding the nipple, latching on was painful each and every attempted session and was only doable at the time with a nipple shield.

I really wanted to breastfeed her directly without a nipple shield and my lactation consultant suggested we see Dr. Pinto for a consult to see if she indeed had lip/tongue ties and man are we glad we did. Our daughter ended up having a restricted tongue and a slight tie on the lip per Dr. Pinto's assessment and while we were torn at the idea of lasering (you're not alone, EVERY parent feels this way!) we decided to go for it if it meant it would allow her tongue to finally be free and unrestricted.

We're so so glad we did. I write this as she is now an 11 week old, breastfeeding directly with no nipple shield, with no pain. Remember to do the exercises that Dr. Pinto will show you and just keep putting your little one to the breast as much as you can. They will relearn to use their tongue and they will breastfeed! You can do this!!

Dr. Pinto is amazing. She first met to consult with us about our son, and we were feeling extremely emotional about the situation. She was very loving and compassionate with us as parents and extremely gentle with our little baby. We had brought our older son as well, and she engaged with him also, making sure to help him feel more comfortable. She performed the procedure the same day as the consultation, and she made sure to follow up after the procedure to see how our son was doing and provide us with any more help that we needed. She also had us attend two more follow-ups. She is very thorough and also very friendly with not only the parents but also the child, which is extremely important when it comes to the health of your child. I would recommend her to anyone, and I already have. Thank you so much, Dr. Pinto, for taking such good care of our son!

Dr. Pinto helped our 5-week old baby with her THREE lip ties on her upper lip as well as her tongue tie. The process was super quick and the recovery was much less painful then we were expecting. Our baby was fussy for the next couple of days but her latching almost immediately improved. She was having a hard time staying latched, which was causing gas, which made her extremely fussy. So needless to say, this process was extremely beneficial and we really loved Dr. Pinto. Ps most offices charge per lip tie, so even if their prices seem lower, it could end up being quite pricey. Overall Dr. Pinto was convenient, accommodating, and did an excellent job!

Honestly, I absolutely love Dr. Pinto!! I first found her on yelp after suspecting my newborn had a lip tie and tongue tie. I emailed her on a Friday afternoon and she responded back on Saturday! I mean that itself blew me away because what doctor does that?? Lol. She recommended I meet with a lactation consultant who can give her more information on the tie should my daughter have one. I met with Linda Goodman, IBCLC who ALSO highly recommended Dr. Pinto for tie revisions. After my consult with the lactation consultant, I was able to make an appointment with Dr. Pinto right away and got my daughter's revisions done promptly. Dr. Pinto went through the stretching exercises with me and my husband to make sure we knew how to do it when we got home and even gave us her personal cell phone number to call/text if we needed any help!

I cannot recommend Dr. Pinto enough! She is ALWAYS available to be of any sort of help during this process and even follows up with you 3 weeks after the revision to ensure things are going great.

Dr. Pinto is amazing! Our 6 days old son wasn’t being able to breastfeed properly and was at high risk for jaundice. Less than an hour after the procedure, he was able to transfer milk like a champ! We can’t thank Dr. Pinto enough.

A few days after birth our daughter was diagnosed with a tongue tie. The diagnosis coincided with the terrible pain I had while breastfeeding, the awful scabbing I experienced, and our daughter's sleeplessness and frequent feedings. Let's say I was glued to a couch for what seemed like hours. We had first attempted the frenectomy procedure, removal of the tissue causing the tie, at a pediatricians office, however, they did not do a good job and our feeding and sleeping issues continued. We went to a lactation consultant (LC) and she informed us her tongue tie was still very present and was interfering with her feeding, sleep, and causing the pain I was continuing to feel while breastfeeding.  I was ready to give up breastfeeding and exclusively pump, but our LC recommended going to see a pediatric dentist or ENT who could perform a more invasive frenectomy. One of her recommendations was Dr. Pinto. My husband and I did some research and liked what we had read so we booked an appointment, which I may add was not too far out and that was awesome as we wanted to get the care we needed quickly. At our initial consult the entire office, especially Dr. Pinto were very welcoming and patient. Once we met with Dr. Pinto she was extremely friendly and very professional. She explained everything thoroughly and you could just tell she was very passionate at what she did. She also could have done the procedure that same day, but when I needed to consult with my husband she was very patient, didn't pressure and let us take all the time we needed so we could make a decision together that we both agreed and felt comfortable with. After a little deliberation, we decided to move forward and scheduled the procedure. As a parent, I was petrified as I didn't know how our little one would take this more invasive procedure, but she took it like a champ and the best part was only localized anesthesia was needed. After the procedure Dr. Pinto has you breastfeed immediately and boy did I feel the difference right away from the moment she latched on.  We were sent home with exercises, which are essential to ensure that the tongue heals appropriately and stretches well. Make sure to do them as indicated even if it seems tedious. I did and it makes a difference. Dr. Pinto even called us the next day after the procedure to ensure our daughter was doing ok and should the need arise we could call her with any issues. Doing this procedure was one of the best decisions we have made as it has been night and day since we completed it. Our daughter is now gaining very well, sleeping much better both during the day and night, and not needing to feed as frequently. It definitely not only saved our breastfeeding relationship but made it 100 times better. We couldn't be happier. Dr. Pinto was amazing through the whole process and always reassuring, welcoming, and available. She always took her time with us and all of her patients, which we appreciated since we never felt rushed and could ask her any and all of our questions. She also has a knack for children. She was gentle with our little one and my eldest loved talking with her and asking her all kinds of questions only a 5-year-old would and through it all Dr. Pinto was amazing. I definitely would recommend her and the Breathe Institute without a moment's hesitation. A frenectomy can truly be a game and life changer and you want to know you are in great hands and with Dr. Pinto and the Breathe Institute you definitely are hands down. The only qualm I would have is that they do not contract with insurance, neither dental or health, but they are willing to bill just in case you may get reimbursed as an out of network provider. Even so, it was a decision I wouldn't think twice about doing again and with the Breathe Institute.  They were just beyond amazing!

When our LO was born, the pediatrician in the hospital told me that he has a tongue tie but it should not be a concern if it doesn't affect his breastfeeding. When we went home, he was gaining weight but super gassy and later on showed signs of severe reflux. I mentioned tongue tie with my pediatrician and a Lactation Consultant, all told me his tongue tie was mild and they did not think this would affect his reflux or feeding. So, he was given reflux medication, which did help but never completely solved his symptoms.

Fast forward to 6 mo, he reflux was better, but again, he still had symptoms. When we tried to start solids, he gagged and choked and vomited after the first bite of everything (we tried all textures from puree to finger bite) even when he was so eager to eat. At my wit end, I decided to find some specialist myself and Yelp helped me to find Dr. Pinto. The process to make an appointment was quick and he was seen a few days after. Dr. Pinto found out that his tongue and lip are both tied but she only recommended to release the tongue as the upper lip is flexible enough. The procedure was quick and almost painless. She also showed us how to massage and called us the next day to check. When we came back for follow up, his tongue had a little reattachment which she fixed as well. And, about 2 days after the one week follow up, my son started swallowing purees. After 2 weeks, I was able to stop his reflux medicine without much regression and he is eating 2oz of baby food every day. Hooray!!!

During the whole process, Dr. Pinto and her staff made everything so enjoyable for us. We highly recommend everyone with feeding problem/ reflux problem to check/reconfirm the tie with her.

So amazing! Was referred to her from a mommy group on FB for tongue ties and my Lactation Consultant had said she was amazing! So accommodating with the appointment and so kind! The laser procedure took less than 3 minutes for my 5-week old. Great staff as well! Would highly recommend she be your 1st choice for any infant tongue tie issues!

When my son was born he wouldn't latch and every nurse on staff tried helping us. We were seen by two different lactation consultants and they both believed he was tongue tied and referred us to Dr. Pinto. We went to our pediatrician and she told us our son wasn't tied. My husband and I decided to see Dr. Pinto anyway. Our son was diagnosed with a tongue and upper lip tie which we had lasered on the spot. It was a really quick process, about two minutes. Dr. Pinto was super kind and helpful. She showed us how to do stretches to make sure the ties wouldn't reattach and even called us the next day to see how we were doing.

We tried latching right after the procedure but no luck, however, the next day, he latched! We had a really painful week trying to breastfeed, but with the help of a few visits to lactation consultants, we are now exclusively breastfeeding.

We are so grateful to Dr. Pinto! This had made such a difference in our lives and would highly recommend her to anyone who thinks their child may be tied.

Where to start when explaining how wonderful and refreshing Dr. Pinto is!!... We highly recommend her for so many reasons. We brought our newborn in to learn more about a possible "tongue tie" situation and she was so helpful. She was real, genuine and HONEST and said he was not needing further steps. She was correct. This is important because we were told some dentists encourage you to do it when it is not always the case. We loved working with her and she also has a newborn so she was so connected to us and what we were experiencing as first-time parents. We will always work with her and you won't be disappointed either! She's friendly, kind and very knowledgeable.

Just as the other reviewers have commented, we found Dr. Pinto to be kind, knowledgeable, and efficient with excellent bedside manner and follow up. We were referred to her by our lactation consultant Elena Vogel (also excellent) for my baby's lip and tongue tie which was causing him to delay in nursing and bottle feeding, and weight loss. After the frenectomy that Dr. Pinto performed on our 8-day old infant, we completed the aftercare that she prescribed. Baby gradually improved and three months later (combined with treatment by chiropractor Dr. Gerardo) you'd never know that he was born with a tie. Breastfeeding is no longer painful, he's at the top of percentiles for his age (after having dropped 12% weight in the first week) and he is meeting developmental milestones. We're so thankful that we received her help and early intervention!

Dr. Pinto did my daughter's posterior tongue tie revision via laser.  The procedure itself only took a few minutes, and I was able to nurse my baby immediately after.

Dr. Pinto is incredibly down-to-earth and from our very first appointment, she wanted to make sure we were comfortable moving forward with the procedure and never pressured us in our decision making. She also has an infant son so understood where we were coming from in the hesitation involved with having your baby undergo a procedure.

She is knowledgeable about ties and shows you how to do the aftercare stretches (she actually watches you do them to make sure you're doing them correctly).

She also gave us her cell phone number in case we needed anything and did both follow-up calls and texts to make sure we were doing well.

The aftercare stretches are awful (but necessary!) and I'm happy to report that our nursing sessions have gotten significantly shorter and I'm not in any pain while breastfeeding!

I highly recommend Dr. Pinto for tongue tie revision via laser!

Honestly, I absolutely love Dr. Pinto!! I first found her on yelp after suspecting my newborn had a lip tie and tongue tie. I emailed her on a Friday afternoon and she responded back on Saturday! I mean that itself blew me away because what doctor does that?? Lol. She recommended I meet with a lactation consultant who can give her more information on the tie should my daughter have one. I met with Linda Goodman, IBCLC who ALSO highly recommended Dr. Pinto for tie revisions. After my consult with the lactation consultant, I was able to make an appointment with Dr. Pinto right away and got my daughter's revisions done promptly. Dr. Pinto went through the stretching exercises with me and my husband to make sure we knew how to do it when we got home and even gave us her personal cell phone number to call/text if we needed any help!

I cannot recommend Dr. Pinto enough! She is ALWAYS available to be of any sort of help during this process and even follows up with you 3 weeks after the revision to ensure things are going great.

My lactation consultant suggested my newborn get a frenectomy and she highly recommended Dr. Pinto. The procedure was quick and probably more painful for us parents than for our daughter. Immediately after the procedure, I nursed my daughter in the office and she latched beautifully and guzzled milk like never before.  It was really something.  I nearly cried. The next couple of weeks had some highs and lows, but the improvement was obvious. Dr. Pinto was so pleasant and warm and went above and beyond with her follow-ups.  It was worth the drive to the westside.

Dr. Pinto was able to quickly diagnose my 2-month old son's tongue and lip tie.  She allowed my husband and I time to discuss options privately, which I found to be thoughtful.  When we decided to proceed with the frenectomy, Dr. Pinto was mindful and deliberate with our son and patient and kind with us parents.  We especially appreciated her calling us personally later that night to check up.  Although the procedure and following stretches wasn't necessarily a pleasant experience for our son to have to endure, Dr. Pinto helped normalize our feelings and provide us the information needed to know we made the right decision.  Right away feeding improved immensely for mom and our son healed wonderfully!

We brought our 3-month old daughter to Dr. Pinto for a frenectomy (lip tie and posterior tongue tie) and had a wonderful experience! We had struggled with breastfeeding from her birth and finally figured out that the lip and tongue ties might be the issue. Dr. Pinto was warm and caring--she first called to hear about our concerns and then conducted a thorough exam of baby's mouth. Once we decided to go ahead with the procedure, Dr. Pinto wrapped her up in a swaddle and the procedure took just a minute or two. Throughout the process, Dr. Pinto was very reassuring. She provided us with a pamphlet and videos on after-care, called us a few days later to check in, and scheduled two check-ups to monitor healing. She also referred us to a terrific lactation consultant, Jessica Claire, who we have worked with since.

After four weeks, we were very happy to report that our daughter started breastfeeding! This was a baby who had previously latched maybe twice in her life, resulting in blisters for mom and baby. Before the procedure, she was colicky almost nightly and had such bad reflux that we constantly had her propped up on pillows to sleep, play, and even for changes. As a result of the tie release, our baby is no longer colicky, can lie down flat (which is so important for her motor development!) and is very happily and painlessly nursing.

A couple notes:
-Dr. Pinto's rates are competitive and her office will submit reimbursement paperwork to your insurance
-Unlike other doctors we had looked at, we weren't asked to hold the baby still during the was such a relief!
-Especially since the baby was a bit older, it took a few weeks to see major changes as she had to re-learn how to eat, suck, etc. We felt well prepared to work with her and it was totally worth it.
-Dr. Pinto's demeanor is so warm and kind that even baby was smiling and cooing at her during the follow-up appointment 🙂

After meeting with a lactation consultant (the wonderful Jessica Claire) I discovered that my almost 4-month-old daughter had a tongue and lip tie that were inhibiting her feeding and leading to weight gain issues. After a couple weeks of monitoring, she recommended we see Dr. Pinto about getting the ties released.

Dr. Pinto was kind and communicative from the start. She spoke with me on the phone about my concerns surrounding performing the frenectomy on an older baby - another well-regarded area pediatrician refused to see us about a frenectomy even one day after my daughter turned 4 months. Dr. Pinto was realistic about potential outcomes, but optimistic when I gave her more info about our situation. Her staff worked to fit us in that week after another client canceled.
Dr. Pinto was patient and did not pressure us as my husband and I debated getting the procedure after the initial consultation. The procedure was quick, but of course, it was very difficult to listen to our baby cry and scream. Dr. Pinto gave us good instructions for aftercare and her cell number in case we had any questions over the weekend.

I was diligent with the wound care and also visited a pediatric chiropractor to help with jaw tension on Dr. Pinto and my lactation consultant's recommendation. I'm grateful to say that my daughter's breastfeeding has greatly improved. I'm happy we went with Dr. Pinto and the laser-based technique!

We took our seven-week-old son to Dr. Pinto on our lactation consultant's recommendation and we are so glad we did. Our little guy had a posterior tongue tie and a minor lip tie that both needed to be revised. Dr. Pinto was incredibly understanding and compassionate, while also being clear and direct. She carefully explained our son's situation, the proposed frenectomies, and the necessary after-care. It was a bit emotionally difficult choosing to go ahead with the procedures, but Dr. Pinto performed them quickly and treated our boy with enormous kindness. She followed up with us via telephone the following day and whenever I texted her with questions she responded very promptly. I'd highly recommend Dr. Pinto to anyone struggling with lip or tongue tie issues.

We took our 7-month old to Dr. Pinto for a frenectomy, and we couldn't be happier with our experience with her. As you can imagine, any surgery - even minor - on a baby that young creates a lot of anxiety. From the very beginning, Dr. Pinto was warm, kind, and incredibly responsive...she answered all questions thoroughly and reassuringly, the frenectomy and subsequent healing went without a hitch, and throughout it all her sunny bedside manner calmed and eased the minds of these two concerned parents. She was great about checking in during the days leading up to the surgery and following up after, and we are so grateful for the excellent care our baby received from her. We would recommend her in a heartbeat.

One of the nicest and most caring dentists that you will ever meet! She truly looks at the patient as a whole and will listen to your every concern. It is a mistake to go anywhere else!

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